Keveloc ®

Protect Your Equipment

From Punctures and Cut-Through Failures

Keveloc® puncture resistant laminates provide cut-through resistance to areas under compression or shear forces.

Often in industrial machinery and stator coils, these thin, yet extremely durable Keveloc® Laminates act as insulation between layers of machinery. Preventing long-lasting damage and eliminating the need for re-insulation when coils are prone to strand-to-strand shorts with aramid or mica insulations.

Rugged & Lightweight, Keveloc® Laminates Are

  • Made from composites-grade Dupont Kevlar 49 and a unique combination of aramid fibers.
  • Insert barriers that can withstand operating temperatures of Class F or Class H machines.
  • Used as a crossover barrier for industrial applications like roebel conductors in high voltage coils.
  • Epoxy compatible with the exceptional combination of thermal stability and high modulus strength.


Rugged yet lightweight, Keveloc® laminates come in various thicknesses that can service any application where protection from puncture or shear forces are a critical factor.
Tensile Strength
Shear Puncture (lbs)
100 .015 175 1381 F
180 .0145 75 1217 H
250 .008 75 642 H
350 .010 75 876 H
400 .018 75 2010 H
500 .019 175 1881 H

Don’t See What You Need?

We can customize to fit your product specs.

Providing Strength & Durability to Manufacturing Teams

While pushing the limits of design and manufacturing capabilities to increase power density and lower losses, it quickly became apparent that our manufacturing technologies needed to be more robust to keep up with new complexities within the stator bar designs. KevelocTM, the roebel transposition insulation materials provided by Puncture Resistance, enabled our manufacturing team with the capability to achieve more complex transposition geometries without affecting bare bar build, electrical integrity, or cost. The flexibility to fabricate the material in different dimensions and orientations made a very complex design simple and easy to manufacture. We are thankful to have a great product and supplier for a fast and effective solution! Thank you Electrolock Team for all that you do!

Manufacturing Design Engineer

I have worked for a major manufacturer of rotating equipment for over 40 years in the development of special insulation applications to high voltage generator components. One of many examples is the design, testing and implementation of stator strand insulator using KevelocTM as the base insulating material. The development process involved Electrolock, design engineering for OEM manufacturing, along with manufacturing engineering in creating the material design and supply. A butterfly strand insulator was developed with help from Electrolock. Where Roebelled strands crossover in the crimp regions, strand to strand shorts may occur. The butterfly crossover insulator prevents these shorts, thus allowing the coil to meet the design criteria requirement of no strand to strand shorts. This product from Puncture Resistance has reduced manufacturing cost as well as improved product costs.

OEM Generator Design Engineer

Proven Durability with ASTM Testing

Keveloc® is a cut-resistant laminate design with a high resistance to puncture or tear from an object forced through its z-axis. To determine resistance to puncture and tears through its z-axis, we used several ASTM testing methods.

Have Different Testing Requirements?

We have a full analytical and high voltage test lab capable of testing to a large variety of standards. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.